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And not only accommodation

Architecture must allow things to happen. Housing, the lowest common denominator of our individual territories, is also the most essential framework: that of life. The health crisis and the lockdown has exacerbated the expectations and needs associated with housing. We now know: housing must be able to accommodate the maximum number of scenarios and in terms of housing, the maximum is in fact the essentials: sleeping and eating but also working and communicating, educating and entertaining, maintaining one's physical and mental condition, maintaining a relationship with the outside world, being together and being alone. Flexibility is a guarantee of sustainability, it is also, as we have seen, a guarantee of resilience and survival. Disassigning single-use rooms, programming multiple use - depending on time, the moment, people - attacking the invisible walls of codes, norms and standards and assessing material and immaterial values ​​attached to housing is crucial. Reinvesting in housing and not just investing in housing eastablishes an exciting and necessary roadmap for fresh scope in our lives. AHA supports and advises actors engaged in the promotion of spatial, political and financial solutions for accessible housing with enhanced qualities. Photo: Julien Lanoo