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Sophie Delhay, projects and themes

There are not two dinstinct situations : housing on one side, the city on the other, but only a continuous one. In architecture, ensuring that this continuity can be assumed is a political act. Sophie Delhay is looking for devices that make dwellings interpretable by their inhabitants, that trigger something that could be called appropriation, invention, encounter. Her construction of housing is also stimulated by the ambition to build more densely. The small scale (uses) and the large scale (the territory) are intimately linked by her projects.

Projects on one side, Themes on the other and always correspondences in between: this book on Sophie Delhay, designed by A H A with Hic and Nunc, is a tailor-made tool for surveying the transversality of work and thought from an architect like no other. Available in french on order: Sale price: €28.