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A family resemblance

PNG, Julien Boidot, Emilien Robin

The school, the gymnasium, the canteen and the media library: PNG associated with Julien Boidot and Emilien Robin offers a family of buildings that reinterpret the archetypes of mountain architecture and subtly integrate into this village located on the shores of the lake Leman. The location of each piece of equipment on the plot promotes rich interactions between the programs, the outdoor spaces, the urban context and the landscape. This project defends the position that ordinary spaces conceal multiple resources that contemporary architecture is capable of revealing. Here, the transformation of existing constructions and the emergence of new buildings result from a study of vernacular architectures. By moving away from the purely formal gesture, the project invites us to take a new look at the urban condition of rural and suburban territories. For the French Équerre d’argent Prize 2021, the jury rewarded “common places” designed in a “joyful and shared way”.