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Walden x, a landscape essay

by Clément Willemin for AHA editions

Infinite digression from Bad Utoquai - public swimming on Zurich Lake, to the Seine unable to put out the flames devouring Notre-Dame de Paris, Walden x is not a long calm river. By a succession of steps forming as many points on the mental map of its author, this essay outlines a manifesto of landscape art according to Clément Willemin. Oscillating between horizon lines and axioms (“seduce rather than convince”), in absolute confidence in experience (from the body to the territory), telling ancient stories (Garden of Eden, Battle of Morat), personal anecdotes, aphorisms and landscape and urban planning projects (playground in Belleville park, urban renewal operation in Bas-Clichy, etc.), this confusing text deploys much more than a vision of the landscape: it sketches a landscape itself. Available in French in bookstores and on order at

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