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Réseau des maisons de l'architecture

"Here is a book that talks about the Maisons de l'architecture and is aimed at the general public. Going through the diversity of the actions of the Maisons, this richly documented book identifies six types, or rather three families of two, around the notions of territory, storytelling and awareness. Investing in the territory through residences or walks; developing collective stories in exhibitions or through cinema programming; forging judgment through educational actions or awards that promote bold projects: such is the strength of the Maisons de l'architecture. And such is their relevance as well, that a guest author underlines, shifting each of these actions into an artistic, sociological or political field. the most current action, perhaps the most immaterial, is the 7th, the collective action embodied by the Network of Maisons de l'Architecture. The photographer Antoine Seguin illustrates the diversity of their embodiment in a “tour de France of the Maisons de l’architecture” which confirms this richness and this proximity to all audiences. And the circle is complete.

With contributions from: Anne-Sophie Kehr, Adel Tincelin, Marielle Macé, Océane Ragoucy, Patrice Blouin, Luc Gwiazdzinski, Guy Tapie and Antoine Séguin

182 pages / 17 euros Available in french in bookstores and on order: