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360┬░ Starlette

Coulon / HHF / Bilbao for Strasbourg Deux-Rives

With the support of AHA, HHF won the international design competition for Starlette, a major development of the urban Strasbourg Deux-Rives area along the Rhine and the Independent Port of Strasbourg. The urban block with a total of 35,000 m2 offers a large variety of public and private mixed-use programs, including more than 200 apartments, 20,000 m2 offices, co-working spaces, restaurants, parks and day- care facilities. To allow for flexibility upon completion and in the future, the ceiling heights are extended to 290 centimetres, suitable for both private and commercial use. Starlette, designed in collaboration with Dominique Coulon & Associ├ęs and Estudio Tatiana Bilbao will be completed in 2023.