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4e biennale du Réseau des maisons de l’architecture

Paris hosts PARI (let's talk about this), a biennial of the Maisons d'Architecture Network. After Strasbourg, Marseille and Nantes, this 4th edition explores the major challenges of the 21st century and bears witness to a “new architecture” which makes the bet of transversality, collaboration, awareness, residency, or even co-construction. A major exhibition at the DOC, inaugural conference in the former headquarters of the French Communist Party, films, debates, restitution of residences at the Belleville School of Architecture, children's workshops at the Maison de l'Architecture Île de France, walks architecture, performances and festive evenings: IN and OFF, this biennial program hybridity attracts diverse audiences around an enhanced vision of architecture. - The 4th biennial of the Maison d'Architecture network.
Photos : Luc Bertrand