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L’architecture enrichie de Scalène

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Jean and Luc Larnaudie are brothers. They form a pair whose reflection on architecture benefits as much when their viewpoints differ as when they converge. With a database that indexes experiments on multiple spatial proposals and a working method founded on process books, the Larnaudies seek an impossible neutrality that would aggregate all the possibilities while forming a meeting point between the infinitely small and the infinitely large. However, it is not their aim to qualify — because qualification is subjective and nothing could be of less interest to the Larnaudies than subjectivity; instead they seek to diffract, from the most intimate level to that of the territory, aiming for reverberation rather than continuity. Their architecture is crafted in the relationship, in the continual movement back and forth between the habitat and the city, from the individual to the landscape, from the building to the infrastructure. The architecture produced by Scalene is empowered by the superposing of the moments that it makes possible, affirming its twofold material and immaterial dimension. It creates use value as well as financial value, generates moments as much as capacity. This ability to see things in two ways is driven by an approach that has three sides — transgressing, creating a leeway, and de/lineating. There is always the question of the space we use and the space that we leave, and always this libertarian pragmatism that is nourished by the continually shifting viewpoint, from zero to infinity, from Jean to Luc Larnaudie.