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Building Beyond Festival

Adaptation : Facing the climate challenge, shared cities

We all need to envision the future, our territories, our professions, our cities, and the place we'll have within them. On April 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2024, The think tank Leonard organizes the Building Beyond Festival - Adaptation : "Facing the climate challenge, shared cities".
Adapting means scaling up because No city is an island, as Eleni Myrivili, former deputy mayor of Athens and Chief Heat Officer at the UN, will remind us in the introduction.
Adapting is also a profession in itself to attenuate and repair.
Finally, adapting means working with what we have. The inhabitants, in particular, because it couldn't be more certain: adaptation will take place in inhabited environments.

It is around this postulate that AHA, invited by Leonard, has constructed the program of Thursday, April 25th. Cécile Duflot, CEO of Oxfam and former Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing, will do the kick-off. Catherine Sabbah, founder of IDHEAL the French think tank specialized in housing, will moderate the debate "Où pourra-t-on encore habiter ? (Where will we still be able to live?)" while I will moderate the debate "Et si s'adapter c'était faire avec ? (What if adaptation meant working with whom we have?)" featuring Nicolas Escach, deputy mayor for sustainable city of Caen, Nicolas Rio, author of "Lets finish with  participatory democracy"), Cécile Belard du Plantys, CEO of Paris Habitat, French largest social landlord, and Sofiane Aouchiche, activity director of GTM Building. Frédérique Aït-Touati, director, researcher, and scientific director along with Belgian landscape architect Bas Smets, will conclude the festival.