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I am a material that comes from the earth. I am both vernacular and spectacular. I go through ages without facade renovations. With me, the architect and the builder reconcile because my implementation opens up an infinite field of patterns. I am red, I am brown, I am gray, I am... The brick.

Organized by wienerberger, the Brick Award distinguishes contemporary brick constructions. This international prize is awarded every two years in Vienna, Austria, a city of the Secession movement as well as Austro-Marxist movement, of deconstructivism as well as the summit of the Most Livable Cities. Go figure... In the meantime, people have been bathing in the Danube there for a long time.

So everyone to Vienna on June 6th and 7th for the Brick Award 24 ceremony and the symposium "Advancing Architecture through scalable Innovations" where we will encounter Baas arquitectura (Es), Boonserm Premthada (Th), Bert Linnert (De), Christelle Avenier (Fr), Gabriela Carrillo (Me), Tropical Space (Vi) and many others.