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Architecture and town planning are about soft power. A H A publishing was created to produce, document, and share unlimited and non-exclusive initiatives in the field of thought and design of the city, its landscape and its inhabitants. They provoke reflection, support a vision and propose alternatives to the boring city and boring publishing. After “3f presents: 25 renewed neighborhoods”, a photographic and aural road trip which refreshes any gaze focused on the famous “ANRU neighborhoods”, those that not so long ago were called the cities, “Walden x” by (the jerk) Clément Villemin offers a panorama of landscape art, a continuous digression from Bad Utoquai (public bathing facilities on the shores of Lake Zurich) to Naoshima Island in Japan, the Silo District of Cape Town, lower Clichy and the Belleville playground. This landscape essay offers a diagonal view of the discipline: a theatre of the social, political, environmental and philosophical issues, but also of unfettered experiences, a matter of pleasure as much as detail. “Enriched Architecture” by Jean and Luc Larnaudie (Scalene architects) is the third work published in 2020 by AHA editions. It testifies to a production enriched by the superposition of the moments it makes possible, affirming its double material and immaterial dimension, creating usage value as well as financial value. This ability to see double is fueled by a triangular gait whose three sides would transgress, create a margin and delimit space.