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AHA world

Headquatered in Paris with an international outlook AHA offers complex, cosmopolitan, boredom-busting development scenarios and communication strategies to everyone involved in shaping the future of our towns and cities. Slap bang in the middle of all that moves, shakes, reflects, orchestrates, finances and promotes a vision of town planning, AHA launches events, guides both up-and-coming and established players on the French and European scene by activating and catalysing motors and wellsprings of their visibility and deployment wherever they may be.

What we do :
Made-to-measure strategies for development scenarios leading to communications game plans. And not the other way around.
Editorial issues, written content, publishing.
Atypical art direction.
Constantly reinvented worldwide press relations, because nothing changes faster than the media and social networks.
Precise, effective and efficient public relations, silently whenever possible.
Non-formatted events.
The whole thing all at once - we are ardent multi-taskers.