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Promotion in a changing world

A BNP Paribas Real Estate x Lab Cheuvreux x AHA collection

Has anybody noticed? The basic principles of promotion are being reevaluated. Time first, because real estate which was once stuck is now mobile, and it has to be forward thinking. Next, the notion of property, the cornerstone of “real estate”, is fundamentally questioned by the mechanisms of dissociation of land and buildings. Finally the plot is also being re-examined by broader transformation strategies. To reinvent its own profession, BNP Paribas Real Estate has joined forces with Lab Cheuvreux in order to seize the objectives of the new world. We studied different matters in conferences and in publications to share this "new profession" with a broader public. Because if these patterns are reinventing themselves, BNPPRE is a mere link in the chainlink of solidarity between our elected leaders and the collectives, architects, investors, legal secretaries and users. And together, we must change.