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"3F présente, 25 quartiers renouvelés"

25 renewed neighborhoods

“I work for the pedestrian and not for the aviator. I think of those who look out of the window from their bedroom or living room,” wrote Fernand Pouillon. It is precisely this point of view that we have chosen: the gaze of the passer-by who watches and listens. This was our approach by traveling through 25 neighborhoods all over France, from Grande-Synthe to Perpignan, all transformed over the past 10 years under the effect of the national program for urban renewal (ANRU). Our purpose is to open perception by offering a tracking shot of this "new France", both large landscapes and details, signs, attentions. None of these images in itself has symbolic value because reality is complex. It is from their superimposition that the reality of each of the neighborhoods emerges. The sound that accompanies this photographic tracking shot was collected during the shots. The texts can be read separately, like so many captions attributed to images, or through the pages, like instant subtitling. Renewal is not a new idea: it motivated the construction of many of these neighborhoods. If there is one renewal that we now feel urgent to orchestrate, it is that of mentalities and the way in which these neighborhoods are viewed. Hoping that this book will participate in it, as it participated in a real human adventure for its authors, carried out with the 3F group's trust.

Production, editorial management and publishing: AHA — photographies: Julien Lanoo — graphics: WA75 — video: Corentin Perrichotn — sound: Yves Bagot — Publication: September 2015