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In the mix and in the zone

We believe that architecture is an excellent vantage point from which to observe and understand society. Space is nothing without movement, that of bodies as well as of ideas, and architecture is more interesting when it activates than when it petrifies. If architecture is used to build, then archi-thinking can resolve many of our problems - but how can we change perspectives? How can we escape stereotyping? How can we deconstruct the invisible walls? AHA activates discipline-specific tools and devices to build solutions and to explore real estate conundrums. A H A supports both emerging and established players on the European scene (institutions, architects, developers, planners and communities) and activates the driving forces behind their deployment or visibility, here as elsewhere. Based in Paris but indexed to Europe, A H A proposes strategies and produces scenarios for the 24 hours-a-day city which are resilient against crises and resistant to boredom (boredom-busting).

We can be found somewhere between the action and the vision, the making it easy and the making it happen, from conception right through to production.  We are both formal and informal, print and web, 1 and 100,000. We dare to share our savoir-faire. We live in a super-specific world where everything has been seen, done and redefined a thousand times. Between analysis and intuition we think out of the box to find the perspectives to trace out the lines of a project with bang-up-to-date communications. Off-beat thinking generates singular and vivacious viewpoints. We want to provoke excitement in our projects, for ourselves, our clients and everyone involved.

Annabelle Hagmann, founder

With an established network in the spheres of contemporary creation and architecture, Annabelle founded A H A in 2011 with the conviction that architecture is a soft power. Capable of carrying out the most ambitious and least formatted projects, she bases her practice on her knowledge of contemporary issues and practices, her synthetic qualities, the relevance of her advice and her taste for novelty and exemplarity. Before creating A H A, she was responsible for press and institutional communication at the Cité des sciences et de l'Industrie and the development of the collective Plan01. She graduated from La Sorbonne, Asas and the Humboldt Universität in Berlin where she lived while writing a copyright thesis. Annabelle is the mother of Jil and Arsène <3

Ourania Vivien, project manager

Raised in Athens, Ourania graduated with a MA in Urban Design from the Paris Urban Planning Institute and Hamburg's HafenCity— Universität für Baukunst und Metropolenentwicklung after studying law at the Sorbonne. Her international experiences and her taste for architecture and design give her a real understanding of the challenges of project communication in Europe and expand her ability to change perspective in order to deliver engaging content for clients. She is part of the AHA family since 2014.

Hanna & Klara Liden, 2006, Adam mcEwen

Hanna & Klara Liden, 2006, Adam mcEwen